Pressure cleaning driveways,pools and stone… and colorbond roofs.

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welcome to my pressure cleaning blog.

Here is just one of the places where I will be showcasing my completed works, including some before and after photos, to highlight the transformations. Pressure cleaning and sealing outdoor surfaces really does create a whole new look to your property.

Whilst concrete, paving and natural stone surfaces appear to be robust  they do succumb to the elements. Most of the time initially after  being installed these surfaces are sealed to add luster and protection. After 3  years all seals will  disintegrate under constant sun exposure, eventually wearing out.  This allows  a build up of mould, sand and dirt moss and other contaminants. The real problem is that without a seal, water penetrates allowing damage to occur to even the toughest of surfaces. Household pressure cleaners, like you use for your car, tend to further this damage, compared to commercial pressure cleaners. Before you do anything to that outdoor area, call me for advice and a free quote.

I  have a large body of works to retrospectively post here over time.  I hope to display the wide variety of surfaces coastal clean and seal has restored. Dozens of different surfaces in fact, each requiring a slightly different approach to bring it back to life. At coastal clean and seal when we do pressure cleaning, we don’t just “blast away”.  Instead we try and maintain the integrity of your surfaces.

I do pressure cleaning and sealing of outdoor surfaces. Below is a limestone wall during the cleaning process. The left hand side is black , the right hand side staring to return to its original color. Albeit a little weathered. If your limestone needs a clean or is looking  tired like the wall in this photo, contact me for a quote .

limestone wall cleaning before and after

Limestone cleaning Before (L) and after(R)

Many more to come…