How best to contact Coastal Clean and Seal

High Pressure Cleaning

Hi and thanks for your interest in Coastal Clean and Seal,

We focus our pressure cleaning on driveways, pools and  stone, both cleaning and sealing. Yes we also clean colorbond roof cleaning!!

If you would like a quote please send me a message via the contact form first. Make sure to provide some details  about the works you require and don’t forget your mobile number so I can make direct contact later.  Then I will have your details already. You are welcome to follow that up with a call as well, if you need a question answered.

If contacting me by phone just prior to xmas please note that work demands increase considerably, so I may not always hear the phone over the noise of our machines. I do however, check my phone regularly over the day. Alternatively I do like text message enquiries, they are very easy to provide a quick answer, if that’s what you need.

My business works on quality service for you and to your surfaces. High pressure cleaning  rather than high pressure salesmanship.

I look forward to your enquiry.

Kevin Dillon

Managing Director

Coastal Clean and Seal P/L

If you would like honest advice a free quote, call me on 0420 714 732.

Coastal Clean and Seal Pty. Ltd.

Kevin Dillon

Managing Director

Phone: 0420 714 732

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Mon-Fri: 9-7pm
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