Our driveway cleaning service can bring your property entrance back to life

Driveway Clean and seal: The look of a driveway fades over time, because it is a high traffic area. Tyre marks, dirt, oil, black lichen and black mould build up slowly however professional  driveway cleaning and sealing  will restore your driveway’s look and maintain it long term.

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Driveway cleaning and sealing: Exposed Aggregate Driveways

An exposed aggregate concrete driveway can improve the look of any property. However it can also catch dirt and attract black mould. Within a few years the natural stone look turns black and becomes slippery and dangerous. A poorly maintained exposed aggregate concrete driveway is more likely to suffer from stone loss too.  In most cases this is irreversible.

Many pressure wash their driveway themselves, only to find that within a year the surface has blackened again. An exposed aggregate concrete driveway needs to be chemically treated prior to  pressure cleaning. This kills the mould spores in the surface. Once dry, a seal is applied to protect the surface. This helps the stone retain it’s natural look. Normally exposed aggregate driveways need maintenance every 3-5 years.

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driveway cleaning exposed aggregate

 Plain or Coloured Concrete Driveway

Driveway cleaning and sealing; A plain or coloured concrete driveway also require maintenance over time. Black mould and black lichen freckling eventually darken the surface. A chemical treatment prior to pressure cleaning is normally required as well.  Coloured concrete driveways can also suffer from colour drop out in heavy traffic areas.

Either a clear or  coloured seal, can be applied. The seal helps to keep the surface cleaner for longer. Older coloured driveways can also be upgraded to a more modern colour. Charcoal is one of the more popular colours. We can also add reduced slip coatings, for problem driveways.

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