Our pool cleaning services can have your pool and entertaining area ready for summer fun.

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Pool cleaning and sealing is a key focus of Coastal Clean and Seal. Pool areas  require regular maintenance to keep them looking great. We clean many types of pool surround surfaces. From stone and concrete paving, to concrete stencil and exposed aggregate, to sandstone, blue stone, limestone and  travertine.

Constant exposure to water and the elements often weakens the surface of your pool surround when not regularly sealed. This causes both the surface and grout to deteriorate over time. This is especially so when cleaned using too higher pressure from small residential pressure cleaners. This often leads over time to heavier black mould outbreaks, as the mould more easily penetrates a more porous surface.

At Coastal Clean and Seal we can treat the mould, killing the spores in the surface itself. Our pool cleaning process uses a high volume, rather than high pressure, commercial  pressure cleaner to clean your pool area. We can adjust the pressure we use to prevent unnecessary damage to the surface, but still achieve an incredibly clean result. This is followed by a high quality non-slip, full penetrative sealer to seal your pool surround.

We also offer a regular cost effective pool cleaning maintenance program, so that every year your pool is ready for summer fun when you are. Pool area seals need to  replenished every third year in order to prevent water damage  to the surface. Especially so in high traffic areas like pools. We can do an annual inspection including a blow and water rinse as required to keep the area pristine. We can also handle difficult markings and grouting issues. If you would like your pool area maintained and ready every year, on time- Please contact me for advice and a free quote.

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