Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning Mornington Peninsula: Colorbond Cleaning only, sorry we don’t clean tile roofs.

Roof Cleaning: We can clean your colorbond roof and bring it back to life.

Roofs generally attract black mould  (a cloudy dirt look) and green lichen ( a green fungal growth) and occasionally a black lichen (black freckling). Most times they occur on the south side of the property on roofs and shade sails. If left untreated for too they can leave a permanent mark on your roof, colorbond in particular, and can cause permanent damage to the surface. If your property has a water tank it will also contaminate your water quality. Moulds and fungus are also known to contribute to health problems for residents. Black mould can spread from your roof to your eaves and invade damp areas in your home.


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Roof cleaning can be dangerous, especially two storey roofs, so we take extra care. If we do need to get on a roof we use a harness and appropriate anchor points. We also have a number of specialist fittings for the pressure washer to make the job safer and easier. Some times we work from a mobile scaffold around the gutter line of your property to minimise the risks.

We are licenced  to work at heights and hold public liability insurance

If you have a colorbond roof that needs a clean, contact me for advice and a free quote or call me on 0420 714 732

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