Stone Cleaning and Sealing

 Our natural stone cleaning and sealing services revive and protect stone surfaces around your home. We have experience in cleaning limestone, sandstone, bluestone, travertine and granite. Stone is a feature in many areas of modern homes, from entertaining areas, pool surrounds and building facades. Each type of stone is unique in its properties and finish and requires an individual approach. Many types of stone are easily damaged if cleaned incorrectly and can weather and age prematurely without regular sealing to protect them.

Get your natural stone cleaning and sealing professionally done to protect your investment, saving time and money in the long term. To find out how, contact me for advice and a free quote.

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Sandstone Cleaning and Sealing

Sandstone is prone to aging and weathering over time. Common results include black mould (a blackened ‘dirty’ look), black lichen (a black freckled spot ) as well as colour fade. While pressure cleaning the surface yourself appears to initially resolve many of these issues, these outbreaks will quite often return sooner and stronger than before.  Pressure cleaning alone will not remove ingrained markings, such as lichen freckling. However a chemical treatment does remove them and kills the spores to prevent short term re-bloom. We pressure clean the surface at the right pressure to lift the stains, without damaging the surface or grout. We also apply natural sealer to waterproof  and protect the surface. This should be done every 3-5 years in order to extend the life of the sandstone around your property.

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Limestone Cleaning and Sealing

Limestone is highly porous and particularly prone to black mould outbreaks. Unlike other natural stone, limestone has a delicate honeycomb surface and should not be cleaned using high pressure. This permanently marks the surface  and exposes it to larger and deeper mould infections. First of all we chemically treat and rinse your limestone and then seal it. Sealing limestone means that it will repel water therefore preventing damage and staying  cleaner for longer as well.


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